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2014 Summer bill/cost increases

Dear Student:

Thank you for your inquiry of your summer 2014 bill. The 2014-2015Tuition and Fee Schedules goes into effect with the start of the 2014 Summer semester.

At Saint Joseph’s University, we are aware of how challenging it is to meet the rising costs of private higher education. We are cognizant of the sacrifice and remain dedicated to minimizing the tuition fee increase to the greatest extentpossible.

This commitment represents the primary focus of the Board of Trustees in considering the University’s budget for the 2014-15 academic year. The University continues to minimize operating expenses in an effort to keep overall costs down and share in the financial burden facing our students. The University routinely evaluates all service and functions in an effort to operate
efficiently and cost-effectively, while not compromising the educational experience of our students.

If you have any further question or need any additional clarification please feel free to reach out to Hawk Central at hawkcentral@sju.edu or call 610-660-2000.


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