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Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board for 2014-2015

Tuition and Fees for 2014-2015

*Effective Summer 2014


Undergraduate Day (Per Academic Year) $40,420
Haub School of Business $40,420

Additional Credits over 5 Courses (each)

HDC, PLS and Graduate Programs (Per Credit Hour)
Professional & Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion
Graduate Business $946
On-Line Business $946
Graduate Arts & Sciences $813
Graduate Health $813
Graduate Criminal Justice/Public Safety $813
Graduate Computer Science $889
Graduate Education $697
Graduate Psychology $889
Graduate Anesthesiology $44
Graduate Theology $813
Graduate Catholic Ed Leadership $697
Graduate Organizational Development and Leadership $813
On-Line Graduate Education $697
On-Line Graduate Criminal Justice/Public Safety $813
On-Line Health Administration
On-Line Training & Development $813

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program $953

Executive Program
MBA (20 month program) $72,000
MBA (One year program) $63,000
Food Marketing (Per Credit) $1,272
Pharmaceutical Marketing (Per Credit) $1,450
On-Line Pharmaceutical Marketing (Per Credit) $1,563
Lancaster General EMBA Online $1,438


Undergraduate Day Students Only (Per Academic Year)

Student Orientation Fee/Freshmen Transfer $250/$100
Student Activity Fee
All Students General Fees
Application Fee (Day Students/CPLS/Graduate) $60/$20/$35
Identification Card $20
Late Registration Fee (Per Semester) $35
Late Payment Fee (Per Semester) $100
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (Per Semester) $35
Returned Check/Payment Fee $40
Transcript Fee-Standard Service
Transcript Fee-Same Day Service $20
Transcript Fee-Delivery-Overnight (Domestic) $25
Transcript Fee-Delivery-International $40
Student Health Insurance (Per year)-mandatory for all uninsured Undergraduate Day and International Students $1300

Undergraduate Level (Per course)
Art Fee (Film/Gallery/Studio) $230
Education Field Experience $100
Electron Microscopy Fee $250
Language Lab Fee (beginning)
Language Fee (Advanced designated courses) $30
Excel Competency Course Fee $100
Mathematics and Computer Science Fee (Designated Courses) $50
Music/Theater/Film Fee $150
Science Lab Fee (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science) $250
Communications Lab Fee $115
Education Field Experience $100
Theology 154 Urban Lab Fee $405

College of Professional & Liberal Studies (Per course)
Advanced Science $75
Challenge Fees $150
College Level Examination Program $80
Computer Science Fee $50
Experiential Learning Assessment Program Fee (Total) $250
Mathematics Fee (Designated Courses) $50
PA Teaching Certificate $15
Science Lab Fee (Chem, Bio, Physics, Env Science) $250
Autism Practicum Supervision Fee $756
Educational Field Experience $100
Student Teaching Lab $100

Graduate Programs
(Per Course)
Advance Science $50
Biology Lab Fee $250
Computer Science Fee $50
Graduate Psychology Lab Fee (Per Semester) $150
Mathematics Fee (Designated Courses) $50
Electron Microscopy Fee $250
Educational Field Experience $100
Student Teaching Lab Fee $100

Major Fees (Per Academic Year)
Laptop Program Support Fee (HSB & Psychology Majors) $100

Room and Board Per Academic Year Per Academic Semester
LaFarge, McShain, , Sourin, Overbrook and All Campus Houses $8,490 $4,245
Ashwood,Wynnewood, Lancaster Court Apts $8,650 $4,325
Villiger Hall $8,880 $4,440
Morris Quad, Overbrook Townhouses, Pennbrooke Apts, & Merion Gardens $9,550 $4,775
Lannon, Rashford (54th Street Residences) $10,900 $5,450
Communication Fee (Ethernet, Cable, Phone) $120 $60
Resident Activity Fee (Hall Programs) $70 $35

Meal Plan Rate (Per Academic year)

Note: Designated single rooms anywhere on campus are an additional $500 per semester ($1000 per year).

2013-2014 Tuition, Fees, Room and Board Rates.

Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board are subject to change by the order of the Saint Joseph's University Board of Trustees

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