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Are there special circumstances I should be aware of regarding Online Graduate students?

Students in the Graduate Online (Deltak) program, who begin their program mid-semester are permitted to carry a balance into the next semester without their account being put on hold or being assessed a late fee. An official list is sent from Deltak to SJU the week before each mid-semester module begins listing pertinent student information. SRFS Operations places a memo on TSADETL for the cost of the one course and notes in RHACOMM for each Graduate student. The memo will expire the first week of the semester immediately following. Undergraduate(CPLS and HDC) online students who being their program are not entitled to this one-time courtesy. SFS Specialists re-budgets the student for the correct semesters (RBAABUD) as they are not eligible for Federal aid while taking only 3 credits their first semester in the program. Their budget is increased to cover this class. Students are sent an email to their SJU account alerting them that their aid is now available to accept online via MySJU or The Nest.

Graduate students beginning the program mid-semester must have a current FAFSA on file to be eligible for this one-time courtesy and aid must be processed during this semester.

Please note: This one-time courtesy is extended to Graduate students only. Undergraduate(CPLS and HDC) students beginning the online program mid-semester must pay during that semester.

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