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When will I get my Diploma?

All diplomas will be shipped directly to Graduates to the address on file in The Nest. Diplomas are ordered approximately 4-6 weeks after your degree has been conferred.

Degrees are conferred three times a year—on September 15, January 15, and on the date of the Commencement exercises

All diplomas are in Latin.

Degree translation
As is tradition at Jesuit universities in the United States, graduates are presented with a large and ornate degree certificate, the text of which is printed in Latin. Below is an English translation of the text.

The Administrators of Saint Joseph's University and the Society of Jesus in Philadelphia

For the Greater Glory of God

To all who view these present letters, greetings in the Lord

By these letters we, given charge of this function by the highest authority of the State, testify that this, our beloved (son our daughter), duly approved, has been advanced to the (Baccalaureate or Master or Doctor) of (Arts, Science, Business Administration or Education) and that (he or she) has been presented by us with all the rights and privileges attached to that degree. And that all might know, we have given these present letters, secured by our corporate seal and by the signature of the President of this university, in our academic building in Philadelphia,

(Day) of (Month) in the (year) of the Lord

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