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What are the procedures to add a new Hawk Card Account Center User?

New Hawk Card Account Center User

New Hawk Central counselor in need of access to the Hawk Card account center

  • Amy auwaerter (Director) or Laura Savage(Assistant Director) sends an email to the alias containing the following information: SJU log on (ex. JHAWK),new users ID number (ex. 12345678), and new users email address (JHAWK@SJU.EDU).
    • Hawkcardadmin alias = opstix, Joe Browne, Beth Moran, David Minutella (Cardsmith)
  • SJU Operations will grant the user the CRDSMT role.
    • SJU Operations applies the “CRDSMT” role via the INB form “GZAACCT”

The process “GZRTERM” which runs nightly will identify if a Hawk Card account center user is no longer an employee of the University.

  • Operations receives output from GZRTERM daily on terminated employees.
  • Operations will track via a Parature ticket those former employees that held the CRDSMT role and need to be removed from the Cardsmith account center. The ticket will be created using Auxiliary Services as the owner.
  • Auxiliary Services will be responsible for notifying Cardsmith when an account center user is to be removed.

Non SJU employees will be tracked by Auxiliary Services.

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