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How do I get a Minor Approved?

Approval of Minor

Students may declare a minor in areas where the department has approved one. For a minor, at least 18 credits (six courses) in the specified area must be completed. Students choosing a minor must seek the approval of the chair in the department of the minor no later than the last day of the add/drop period of their seventh semester. Students should also be aware that their choice of a minor may be restricted based on their major or primary area of study. Students may have a minor listed on their permanent records in areas where the department has approved one. For a minor, at least 18 credits in the specified area must be obtained. Permission forms for minors are available in the Dean's office.

Download the  pdf APPROVAL_FOR_MINOR form and follow the instructions accordingly.


Steps to Declare a Minor:

  • Meet with Chair for the department offering the minor in which you are interested. Review requirements and obtain his/her approval.
  • CAS students pursuing a minor in business must meet with either Father Bidinger or Tim Higgins in the Advising Center (MV 289) to review requirements for the minor and obtain approval.
  • Deliver the original completed form to Hawk Central and retain a copy for your records. Dean's Office approval is not required.
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