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What is the Federal Work Study Process?

The Federal Work Study Process is sent via email to all eligible students who have accepted Work Study as part of their Award Package in August.

Please remember, on-campus work study jobs are not guaranteed. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so please confirm via The Nest that all verification requirements have been satisfied.

You may apply directly on the Career Development Center website for any Federal Work Study job offering as well as in person to any hiring departments.

Returning work study students:

  • If you are returning to the same work study position as last year, you do not need to fill out a Blue payroll work study form.
  • If you are starting employment with a new department, follow the new work study student steps.

New work study students:

  • Apply online or visit the office in which you are interested in working.
  • Once you have arranged for a position, your supervisor will submit hiring particulars to the Payroll Office.
  • If you have never worked before at Saint Joseph's University, you must complete additional forms that are available in the Payroll Office during the designated hours of 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • You must present identification from List A or from List B AND List C which in included in the pdf i-9 while in the Personnel Services office on or before your first day of employment.
    • The Payroll Office is located at 215 Merion Place, on City Avenue below Wendys.
  • You may also meet Supervisors and interview during the campus Work Study/Student Worker Job Fair.

You must complete these steps before reporting to work. Failure to follow this procedure may cause the cancellation of the work study award.

*Disclaimer: Federal Work Study jobs are not guaranteed. Eligible students may apply for jobs available via Career Development Center. FWS awards are dependent on the availability of funding and may be withdrawn or subject to change depending on this availability. Any financial aid package could be adjusted at any time according to federal and institutional regulations. Please read carefully the “Conditions Governing Financial Aid Awards” for further information found at

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